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$70,000 – $80,000 DOE, plus Benefits

 RESPONSIBLE TO: President, Executive Committee and Board of Directors



Governance of Association Structures and Organizational Operations

  • Serves the Association Executive officer of the organization; Collaborates with volunteers to determine the organization’s vision.
  • Develops and implements programs and events, with leadership, that are in line with the strategic vision of the organization.
  • Is the decision-making authority for operational procedures, in conjunction with the Board of Directors, Develops and Maintains policies and procedures based on association goals and ensures sufficient flexibility to allow for association creativity and responsiveness.
  • Develops, and recommends to the board, specific objectives, and time frames for implementation of the board’s strategic goals.
  • Ensures that governing documents and policies are flexible enough to allow the association to creatively respond to changing market conditions.
  • Working understanding and knowledge of Association documents, including Bylaws and Policy and Procedures.
  • Shall keep the records of the Board of Directors and to carry on all necessary correspondence with the National Association of REALTORS® and the Oregon REALTORS®.

Physical and Financial Resources

  • Maintains a dedicated office location with up-to-date office equipment that is analyzed or updated on a routine basis.
  • Ensures reliable revenue sources to operate the association at optimum and future levels, with research and development funds in place for new initiatives.
  • Develops a comprehensive budget with Board of Directors input and approval.
  • Ensures that sufficient financial reserves are maintained.

Staff Competencies

  • Has a comprehensive knowledge of office management skills and is able to delegate or outsource as necessary. Has a clear understanding of legal and regulatory issues and is able to impact the development of these policies. Can develop and implement political fundraising efforts, in coordination with volunteers.
  • Ensures staff compensation is locally competitive.
  • Ensures that professional development opportunities focusing on supervisory skills are funded by the association.
  • Is responsible for all administration and management of the association.

Member Services

  • Maintains internal communications systems and delivery vehicles focused on current industry information.
  • Provides support to volunteers in their new-member recruitment and retention programs and provides new member orientation programs based on programs at the state and national REALTOR® associations.
  • Provides basic skills in processing professional standards complaints according to established policies and procedures; may obtain some services through co-op enforcement agreement.
  • Offers required education programs based on review of current needs.
  • Knowledgeable of business and marketing tool services and provides basic/limited access to such tools.
  • Implements industry ideas and member services decisions made by leadership.
  • Administers networking and social opportunities that are planned, organized, and implemented predominantly through committee volunteers.

 Internal and External Relations

  • Manages key programs and delegates management functions to other members of management and clerical functions to support staff.
  • Helps identify and recruit volunteer leaders; works with volunteer leaders to forge strong partnerships.
  • Collaborates with local, state and national associations; participates in state and national meetings as directed by the BOD.
  • Works with a CPA firm and an attorney to support association operations and alert leadership to new and emerging issues.
  • Participates with volunteer leaders in effective and synergistic relationships with local government leaders and legislators; service providers, vendors, consultants and contractors; influential and market-share members/industry leaders and allied real estate groups; media and community groups.
  • Ensures that the association, the volunteer leadership and the AE are valued resources to our members.
  • Develops and implements special political-action fundraising efforts and grassroots mobilization efforts, with coordination with volunteers.
  • Implements political awareness and fundraising plans developed in collaboration with leadership.
  • Provides effective government advocacy to further the association’s mission, either directly or as an active participant with other levels of the REALTOR® family.


Application Materials will be accepted until Dec 1, 2022.


Please Send Cover Letter and Resume’ to: