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EngagED Committee

PURPOSE: The purpose of establishing a combined education and marketing committee is to synergize educational efforts and marketing strategies within the REALTOR® community. This integrated committee aims to achieve several key objectives:

Enhanced Educational Opportunities: By combining education and marketing efforts, the committee will provide a more robust and diversified range of educational opportunities for REALTOR® members. This includes workshops, webinars, seminars, and training sessions that not only educate members but also promote best practices and industry knowledge.

Strategic Marketing Integration: The committee aims to integrate marketing initiatives with educational programs. This entails using marketing strategies to effectively promote educational events and resources, ensuring maximum participation and engagement among members. Effective marketing can attract a larger audience to educational offerings.

Member Engagement and Involvement: The committee strives to foster active participation and engagement among members by creating compelling educational content and marketing campaigns. This involvement enhances the overall member experience and creates a sense of belonging and commitment within the community.

Awareness and Branding: Through coordinated marketing efforts, the committee aims to raise awareness about the association and its educational offerings. This includes promoting the association’s brand, values, and mission to both REALTOR® members and the wider community, ultimately enhancing the association’s reputation and credibility.

Alignment with Industry Standards: The committee seeks to ensure that educational content and marketing strategies align with industry standards, regulations, and best practices. By staying updated and compliant with industry requirements, the committee can offer relevant and valuable education to members while effectively marketing these offerings.

Measurable Impact and Evaluation: The committee aims to measure the impact of its integrated approach by assessing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns in driving attendance and participation in educational programs. Through careful evaluation, adjustments can be made to continuously improve both educational content and marketing strategies.

In summary, the integration of education and marketing efforts within ER aims to optimize
member education, engagement, and branding through a strategic and cohesive approach.
This enhances the value proposition for REALTOR® members while contributing to the
association’s overall growth and success.